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   Cape Cod

A guide to Cape Cod and the Islands

Cape Cod MA

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Cape Cod Salt-Water Fishing Tackle

  There are hundreds of fishing lures that are effective when fishing on Cape Cod.  Ask ten Cape Cod Fisherman what lure is the best, and you'll probably get ten different answers.  Below are a sampling of some of the more popular lures on the Cape and Islands

Cape Cod Fishing Tackle

 Cape Cod Salt-Water
Fishing Tackle

Saltwater lures for Cape Cod and the Islands.

Top Water Lures:
Top water lures, both plastic and wood, are the way to go when Striped Bass or Bluefish are feeding on the surface. These lures make for some exciting fishing as you can watch the fish chase your lure as it skips across the surface of the water. Gibbs makes some great top-water lures.
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Metal Lures:
This group of lures are among the most popular down here on Cape Cod. These lures are tough, highly castable, and extremely effective. Lures you might try are Kastmaster, Hopkins, or The Crippled Herring. Good lure to reach that feeding school of 'Blues' from the beach.
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These lures are a little tougher to cast than the metals or top-waters but have several advantages, including the ability to fish various depths and at various speeds dependent on the size of the lures 'lip' you choose. These lures come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Try a white, broken-back 'Pearl Bomber' when fishing for Striped Bass.
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Soft Plastic Lures:
Soft plastic lures have the advantage of being able to be molded into any shape imaginable. They also have a very natural motion in the water. These lures are usually weighted with a lead-headed jig or other sinker. Because they are fairly inexpensive they're a great way to be able to match whatever bait your quarry are feeding on. Try a 2" white auger-tail grub on a 1 ounce lead-headed jig when fishing for 'schoolie' bass.
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Jigs are the way to get down deep. The size and shape of the jig will depend on the fish you're after and the fishing conditions you plan to encounter. As a general rule; the deeper the water or stronger the current the heavier the jig. Try using a jig to get under a top-feeding school of 'Blues', many times there are Striped Bass underneath the Bluefish feeding on their leftovers.
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Above are just a few of the more popular lures used frequently by many local fisherman. There are hundreds of choices for fishing lures and much depends on what kind of fish you're after and where you'll be fishing. While many people want to get their shopping out of the way before they go on vacation, it's best to hold off on the fishing tackle until you get on Cape Cod. The local tackle shops know what fish are biting and what their biting on. Wasting money by buying the wrong fishing tackle is no way to start your vacation. Any Cape Cod tackle and bait shop can help you select the most appropriate tackle for the fishing you want to do.  

Effective baits for Cape Cod include sea worms, sand eels, eels, clams, squid, and various fish species like herring, mackerel, porgy, and butterfish. As a general rule, your safest bet would probably be sea worms for river fishing and sand eels (make sure you use a 'sand eel rig') for fishing the surf. Once again a local Cape Cod tackle shop can guide you to the correct bait and rigging.



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Cape Cod Fishing Lures

Cape Cod Fishing Lures