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   Cape Cod

A guide to Cape Cod and the Islands

Cape Cod MA

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Cape Cod Whale Watch

  Today, Cape Cod, or more specifically Stellwagon Bank, is a marine sanctuary (nine miles off Provincetown) for whales, and cruise boats with naturalists guiding the way, take you along side these wonders of nature. Humpback, finback and right whales traverse this rich feeding ground breaching for microscopic food while offering spectacular views of mother and calf going about their business of survival. Some species, like the right whale, are dangerously close to extinction and may not be around in the next 100 years.  Concentrated efforts are ongoing to stabilize whale populations but diminishing numbers are causing great concern.
  If you've never had the opportunity to sail along side these 40-foot plus creatures, make the time, as it is an experience you'll not soon forget. For more information contact any of the following whale watch cruise companies:

Whale Watch

Cape Cod Whale Watch

   For those that have never seen these majestic creatures, a whale watch is a must when you visit Cape Cod. There are many experienced charter boats available on the Cape that go to the feeding grounds of the many species of whales that migrate along the coast of Cape Cod. It is truly awesome to view these gigantic mammals that only a few decades ago were faced with extinction.

Whale Watching on Cape Cod